Luggage Shipping Through Travellers

Have you assisted a friend to deliver an item to her/his family during one of your past trips?

Did you notice the joy in the face of the receiver?

Did you notice how happy the sender was?

Have you sent someone to help you buy something while they travel from a rural village to another city?


Have you received delivery of items through a traveller in the past?

Many people do this now and then.

Some do this to cover the cost of their travel, while others do it to get more connections both at the point of travel and at the destinations.

What a great way of connecting people from all over the world.


Plan your trip ahead to make sure that you reach out to many people who would like to send you items/ luggage to their loved ones.

Connect with potential senders.

Meet at an open and safe place

Don’t be in a hurry. Inspect what you are about to collect for delivery!

Deliver them at your destination.

Get paid!


Guys, what are you waiting for?

You make tons of new connections through daily interaction between travellers and senders on sendmeglobal platform.

Start posting about your next trip on sendmeglobal today.

Let potential senders find you.

Let them send you items/baggage to their families and friends.


There are some people who have left their homes for different reasons.

Some of them have no opportunity to return to their home countries.

Others are too busy to travel.

Travellers could bridge the gap between people that have no opportunity to return home for a long time and their families back home.

Travellers could bring direct messages between people and their families and friends back home.


A friend of mine showed me a herb that she bought during her vacation in Morroco.

I needed the same herb badly.

The next thing I did was meet a traveller on sendmeglobal who was travelling to Morroco.


He agreed to get me the herb at a shop in Marakesh Morroco.

How glad i was to get this herb that i so much needed!

This is a great opportunity for people of different cultures to meet and exchange ideas. Sendmeglobal allows senders and travellers to meet directly and talk.

Sendmeglobal is bridging the gap between families and friends all over the world. It promotes networking and cultural understanding.

It reduces the cost of travel.

It reduces the cost of sending luggage and it reduces CO2 emissions!

Do you know how joyful it is when someone brings you good news about your sister/brother or your new online friends that you have not seen for a long time?