How It Works

I am a traveller i am looking for senders:

  1. Go to your dashboard. Click on: +Traveller

You will see “Create Traveller listing”

Start filling in details like:  “start city” and “destination city”.


Read  “Terms & Conditions” and click agree.

Hit on “Create new listing”

You want to make sure that your listing is visible?

Go to the  Menu list. You will find menu list in your dashboard (left side)

Click on “My trips”

It will show you a list of all your trips including the one you have just added.


  1. Go to your dashboard. Scroll down. You will see “Recent listing” ( Recent Listings Senders/ Travellers )

Click on senders. This will show you the list of recent senders looking for travellers.

I am a sender i am looking for travellers:

  1. Step 1

    Go to your dashboard. Click on:   + Sender

    You will see “Create Sender Listing”

    Start filling in details like; “start city.” destination “city.” etc

    Click to choose items you want to send.

    You can’t find the name of your items there? No problem.

    Fill in your items in the “Add custom items”


    Step 2

    As a sender you can also search for travellers.

    Go to your dashboard. Use the search button to search for travellers.

    Fill in the “start city” and “destination city.” Search for travellers.

    You will see a list of travellers.

    Click on “View Listing”

    Then click on “Send request to traveller”

I am a receiver, waiting for the delivery of luggage/Items sent to me

  1. As a receiver you need to register. Registration is free.

    Go to the registration page and get registered.

    You will get a delivery code. As soon as the sender and traveller complete the transaction, this code will be sent to you.

    Give this code to the traveller when he delivers the luggage to you.

How It Works?