Earn Extra Money Working As A Logistics Companion


If you enjoy travelling, this is an opportunity for you to make money from what you enjoy doing. You can easily make extra money while you go on your travelling adventure, and this will give you the opportunity to raise money to travel to more places.

Sendmeglobal offers you the opportunity to turn your passion into an income stream by connecting you with people that want to send items to the destination you are travelling to. You serve as a logistics companion for small businesses that want to deliver their goods to their customers in the city you are going to, and you get paid for each delivery you make. Whether you are travelling by bus, train, or airplane,you can always find a business owner that wants to send items through you.

The company that wants to send the luggage with you brings the luggage to you at the train station or at a point you agree to meet. The receiver will be waiting at the train station, bus station, or airport in the destination city to collect the luggage.

Documents signed, luggage delivered. Job over. You get paid!

If you have another trip, get ready to make more money. There is no limit to how much you can make as a logistics companion.

The more you travel, the more you earn.

I enjoy travelling a lot, from city to city, discovering new places of interest. Meeting new people, tasting and trying new foods. I love the experience associated with travelling. It’s my hobby.

There are thousands of small and medium-scale businesses that need logistics services but do not have enough money to afford expensive logistics.

I am a young foreign student and I am ready to travel from one city to the other during my free hours to get familiar with other parts of the country.

During my free hours, I always search for companies that are looking for a logistics companion on sendmeglobal App and I always find companies that want to engage me to help them deliver items to their customers.

I took up this task because it helped me get to know the city better. I made new friends and learnt about the culture of my new location. The fun part is that I also get paid as a logistics companion.

Do you know why many young private business owners use logistics companion?

Young business people use logistics companion because it is cheap, fast, and uncomplicated.

As a logistics companion, you are not carrying any heavy loads as you are only sent with items that are handy.

In my case, the sender brought the luggage to the train station. Get the luggage onto the train. My job was to watch and take care of the luggage while on the train and successfully deliver it to the receiver at the train station in the destination city.

The company had already provided me with the details of the receiver who was waiting for me at the train station in the destination city.

I got out of the train at the destination city and met the receiver. I handed over the luggage. The receiver signed the delivery document, and my task was completed.

Who is a logistics companion?

A logistics companion is a person that accompanies goods sent by a sender to the receiver through a traveler. This traveler that accompanies the goods is called a logistics companion. I am a traveler. I have accompanied the luggage from one city to the other. I delivered the luggage to the receiver. I am a logistics companion.


How much does a logistics companion earn monthly?

This depends on how much time one has to invest. It is easy to find companies looking for a logistics companion. It also depends on you as a logistics companion.

Are you ready to travel to the destination city where the company is sending its goods? If you are flexible, then be ready to make enough cash to break your pocket as a logistic companion!