Earn Extra Money Working As A Logistics Companion

If you enjoy travelling, this is an opportunity for you to make money from what you enjoy doing. You can easily make extra money while you go on your travelling adventure, and this will give you the opportunity to raise money to travel to more places.

Sendmeglobal offers you the opportunity to turn your passion into an income stream by connecting you with people that want to send items to the destination you are travelling to. You serve as a logistics companion for small businesses that want to deliver their goods to their customers in the city you are going to, and you get paid for each delivery you make. Whether you are travelling by bus, train, or airplane,you can always find a business owner that wants to send items through you…

Luggage Shipping Through Travellers

Have you assisted a friend to deliver an item to her/his family during one of your past trips?

Did you notice the joy in the face of the receiver?

Did you notice how happy the sender was?

Have you sent someone to help you buy something while they travel from a rural village to another city?


Have you received delivery of items through a traveller in the past?

Many people do this now and then.

Some do this to cover the cost of their travel, while others do it to get more connections both at the point of travel and at the destinations.

What a great way of connecting people from all over the world….

Reduce Business Expenses Using Logistics Companion For Good Delivery

Logistics pose a serious challenge to young business owners worldwide. Some of the problems that young business owners that need logistics face include:

High cost of transportation. Shortage of drivers, environmental issues and fuel prices.

Big industries and big business owners may have their own ways of solving those problems and many others that are not mentioned above. For new businesses and young business owners, it is different.


If delivery to your customers or getting your goods from one city to the other costs much more than you planned, chances are you may want to increase your selling price. This may, however, reduce the number of your sales and eventually reduce your income….