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Expand Your Business With Our Network of Travellers

New and young business owners have discovered a new secret of gaining more customers.

They are getting connected with new customers through logistics companions.

As a business owner, you connect with travellers who are your logistics companions.

The good news is; they are not just your logistics companions, they are your future customers. They may connect you with more customers.

They are likely to speak about your products with others.

Connect with more logistics companions and expand your sales.

Join Other Travellers In Spreading Joy All Around The World

We might get too busy and not have time to travel to meet our family.

However, sending them gifts can always put a smile on their faces.

The high cost of shipping has discouraged many from sending gifts to families.

Connect with travellers today and send gift items to your family and friends.

The traveller who is making the delivery will also communicate your oral messages to the receiver.

He will tell the receiver about the feeling and joy on your face when you are sending the gifts.

Connect with verified travellers on sendmeglobal today.

Let travellers deliver your luggage cheap and fast.

Build Valuable Connection On Sendmeglobal

The travellers, the senders and receivers have the opportunity to meet physically.

This increases the number of people connecting physically through sendmeglobal.

We are not just a sustainable delivery solution but a social platform that tries to unite people around the world.

Either you are travelling by bus from one city to the other within a country.

Even if you are travelling from one country to the other, you can still take luggage along for delivery.

Plan your trip ahead. Take your time to connect with more people on sendmeglobal.

You may get enough luggage to deliver that will cover your travel ticket.

Make Money With The Empty Space in Your Travel Bag

Time is money, sendmeglobal says space is also money!

Travelling should not always be an expense.

You can make money while you travel with that little space in your travelling bag.

That little space could be enough to take along a camera or educational materials to be delivered at the point of your destination.

Negotiate with the sender on how much she will reward you for the delivery of the items.

The money you will make can save some costs on your next trip.

Depending on how many senders send items with you, the reward may be able to lower your travel costs.

Do not forget to pack your face mask. You may need them on your trip.

Our Users Become More Organized And Punctual

People are committed to be more punctual and better organized with their travelling plans

We know how many times we have missed our flights and trains.

We also know how expensive it is to miss a flight, train or long-distance bus.

Travellers are able to plan their trips ahead on sendmeglobal.

This allows the travellers to get more luggage from senders for delivery.

Travelers do not want to miss their trains or flights because they don’t want to disappoint the senders.

They also do not want to miss the reward for delivering items to the senders.

This action has encouraged some travellers to be more punctual.

It allows them to deliver luggage on time and get rewarded on time.

Develop Good Social Skills

We always advise that both senders and travellers take someone along when meeting each other for the first time.

The best place when meeting people for the first time is open places where there are other people.

Avoid going to meet strangers in hidden places and isolated areas.

Meeting new people may reduce stress and loneliness. But please meet in safe places.

The time that the travellers and senders spend together discussing the items allows them to interact and socialize.

We Promote Happiness, Join Us Today

The sender got a message telling her that the package she sent through a traveller on sendmeglobal had finally been delivered.

Both the senders and the receivers are happy that the package has been delivered.

The traveller was glad that the delivery was a success.

Don’t pull back from helping those that need your help because the cost of shipping is high.

Connect with travellers on sendemeglobal.

Send luggage fast and cheap through travellers


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